Do you want to truly thrive but find it hard to overcome negative thoughts and patterns in your life?

Do you know deep down that life is supposed to feel really good but you keep finding yourself stuck in patterns of self judgement, doubt or low confidence?

Do you let your circumstances and life situations dictate how you feel?

Even if you’ve already tried positive thinking, Law of Attraction techniques or EFT but still aren’t getting the results you want, don’t despair and don’t just make do with a life half lived.

Call in The Thought Gardener!

I believe you CAN have it all – live vibrantly and thrive in ALL areas of your life. Together we can weed out your blocks to success and happiness (those thoughts and beliefs that hold you back), help you live life to the full and feel great.

It may sound like a cliche but our thoughts and beliefs really do shape our lives. Maybe you know what the problem is, e.g. you’re full of negative self-talk or not trusting that things will work out for you, or maybe you’re not sure quite why things aren’t going how you want?
You may have already done personal work in order to improve your life, e.g. tried thinking positively, watched ‘The Secret’ or done Law of Attraction exercises, even tried EFT – and still not got the results you were looking for because there were subconscious beliefs getting in the way.

Here’s my Thought Gardener map to success

TG infographic

21. Plan:  take stock of how your life is working out for you – find out exactly what’s working and what isn’t and then decide what you do want in your life.

Have you figured out what is most important to you yet?
Maybe your garden needs a tweak, maybe a complete overhaul!


32. Weed:  this is where we clear the blocks and negative thoughts, conscious and subconscious, using EFT and other great tools.
Be prepared to say goodbye to old patterns such as low confidence, lack of motivation and fear of judgement, as you clear what no longer serves you.



43. Seed: now we get to focus on what we DO want and have fun sowing those seeds in clear, fertile ground.
You get to use your imagination to create goals and desires that truly fire you up and feel amazing to you.



54. Nurture:  those seeds need tending if they are to thrive. We now give them consistent attention and feeding and watch them grow. I teach a variety of techniques to help you keep the momentum going as you move towards turing those dreams into reality.



65. Bloom:  this is where all your hard work pays off. You might need to do some pruning and dead-heading from time to time but if you weeded well in step 2 you will now be seeing major improvements in your life. It’s time to celebrate all that growth and development and bask in the glory of our creations.


You don’t have to struggle anymore.

If you don’t want to waste another day letting circumstances dictate how you feel or if you’re fed up of being stuck in negative patterns of thought that you can’t shift no matter how hard you try, and you want each day to feel better than the last, then come and work personally with me and watch you life change for the better.

I also recommend that you check out my new free video series demonstrating how to use Positive EFT to help you feel good, everyday.

P.S. I’m not saying that by doing this work you’ll be living a 100% fairy tale life where you burp rainbows,  everyone is always nice to you and nothing will ever challenge or upset you again, but I can say that by doing this inner work, you’ll be less triggered by challenges, you’ll respond to them better, bounce back from them with greater ease, you’ll love yourself more fully and easily and life really will just get better and better.

Thank you for visiting.

Ferris Jay – The Thought Gardener.






Client Testimonials

Veronica Conaty, Ireland

Spending one to one time with Ferris Jay, working through some present personal challenges, with gentle but profound guidance from Ferris, I left with clarity, inspiration and renewed energy.
Ferris has an innate ability to help her clients to see their path to wholeness by softly nudging them in a manner which is subtle but very effective.

Dorothy Laity, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

When I was getting ready for a big interview, I had crippling nerves. Ferris taught me how to use EFT to get my nerves under control and stay on top of them with effective but discreet techniques that I was able to use even on the train and during the interview.

Ruth Rae, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

Ferris has helped me several times. In each case I felt an almost immediate shift as we tapped and my life circumstances improved within a couple of days of working with her. I would definitely recommend a session with Ferris for everyone.

Geneva Rose, Nevada, USA

Tapping with Ferris Jay was life changing because she told me I could just follow the colors and shapes, energy, and not worry about the words. Freeing! Brilliant! Now the power of Tapping is my personal tool box and ready to use any time. Thank you Ferris!

Kim Reid, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

Using EFT Ferris helped me to allay my fears, stop worrying and actually enjoy my pregnancy when I had severe Hyperemesis Gravidarium (a condition of extreme constant morning sickness).


Before we had our phone session I felt highly emotional, teary and shaken up inside with a low self-esteem and all mush.  Your work helped bring order back from chaos and helped me access my logic and my true beliefs rather than my little “i” floating in a sea of victimization.