Law of Attraction (LOA)

I have been studying and benefiting from the Law of Attraction (LOA) for many years in my own life.  I am passionate about the LOA teachings of Abraham-Hicks and I apply their processes and techniques to all areas of my life. I am happy to share my understanding of this work to assist my clients.

In essence, LOA states that we get what we think about. We ask and it is given. This can prove challenging, e.g. when we say we want money but focus on the lack of it, we send out the dominant thought, that of lack of money, rather than the desire for it. There are many great LOA techniques to help us become more congruent with what we are asking for. I find that combining LOA and EFT brings fantastic results. EFT is the quickest and most effective way I have found to weed out those negatives that block us from asking clearly.