The Power of Our Minds is Truly Amazing.

Our thoughts shape and create our reality. That never ceases to amaze me. How our thoughts can bring us to the height of ecstacy or to a pit of despair seems incredible to me. Once I learned that we can harness the power of our thoughts and of the energies that run through us, I was off on an amazing journey of discovery.

To know that I could consciously influence how I feel was such a relief to me, because before that I felt I just had to put up with whatever life threw at me and the emotional rollercoaster rides that would ensue. It was tiring stuff. I was a sensitive soul!
Luckily, I was a keen learner (I’ve always loved to study) and had a lot of determination to thrive in my life, rather than just survive.

If I can do it, so can you.

So, I became my own guinea pig. I still am. Whenever life throws something at me and I stumble (and yes, I still stumble and fall) somewhere in the back of my mind I can hear myself asking ‘hmm, what will work here?’ as I mentally go through my toolkit of tools and techniques.
Here’s a little secret, if I’m feeling ‘off’ or low I may not find instant relief. Sometimes I have to go and get extra support myself – none of us can see or deal with own blindspots like someone else can.

That’s why I do this work. I don’t want people to have to suffer unecessarily or to go through years of trial and error with using self help techniques (I’m a bit geeky about them, I eat, sleep, dream and breathe this stuff, but I know not everyone else does – you might want a quicker journey). So, here I am, delighted to help you using all my knowledge and skills from 17 years immersed in this work.

Please don’t think that my life is perfect, or that a perfect life is the goal. I’ve learned that it’s not about living a perfect life with no challenges or upheaval. It’s really more about how you respond to the situations and challenges that arise in life.
Can you trust that things will work out?
Can you can see the goodness in yourself even when you think things haven’t worked out?
Can you stay connected to your true nature and well-being, even if havoc reigns around you?
Once you can do that, life opens up for you and gets really good.
If you can’t do that, life stays harder than it needs to be (and I can help you turn that around).

Why ‘The Thought Gardener’?

It was the easiest way to describe what I do. I am a keen gardener myself and I get a lot of inspiration from the natural world and especially from gardening. There is such bounty there, such thriving. (I share my co-reative gardening adventures here).

To me, tending our thoughts and internal energies is like tending a garden. We need to constantly check in to see that weeds aren’t smothering our precious seedlings and we need to nurture those seedlings if they are to thrive. It’s no different with our thoughts and energies, we need to cultivate positive thoughts, habits and beneficial ways of using our energies if we are to thrive.


My background

Since 2000 I’ve been working as a Holistic Therapist / Energy Therapist. First I trained in Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki.

From 2001 to 2005 I attended a rigorous – and thoroughly enjoyable – four year course at the Barbara Brennan School in Florida, a specialised institute of energy healing and personal transformation, run by renowned healer and physicist Barbara Brennan.
I also began working with flower essences and animals during this time (for my work with pets and their people click here).

In 2009 my then partner and I embarked on the adventure of building our own house. This brought major challenges, with various delays and complications, lasting nearly 2 years. These challenges were a huge gift which led me to re-discover EFT and use it to help me overcome my negative reactions to that situation. I hadn’t been able to shift my reactions using Law of Attraction techniques alone (it can be hard to be positive when it seems that your world is crumbing around your ears or things are out of your control). I don’t think I’d have managed without EFT!
After that, I knew I had to share the benefits of EFT with my clients, so in 2010 I became a certified EFT practitioner, levels 1 & 2 AAMET approved and my work shifted more into personal development coaching and away from hands on therapies and pure energy work (although I still do my distance work with pets).
In 2016 I took the next step in my EFT journey by becoming an Energy EFT Trainer. It truly is a joy to share the benefits of EFT in this way, through both in person and online trainings and meet up groups.

I continue to learn and grow and I pass on the benefits of all that learning to my clients. May I never stop learning and growing, discovering and exploring.