Do repetitive negative thought patterns drive you nuts?

mind weeds
I used to get really fed up at the crazy thoughts and ideas that would reside inside my head. The fears, the doubts, the worries that got in the way of me being the joyful, confident, playful person that I truly am.

Even when I started using tools to clear those thoughts, tools such as EFT tapping and mindset work, some of those thoughts kept creeping back in, even after I thought I’d cleared them.

Sometimes I’d make myself wrong for ‘not clearing it right’ or being ‘too negative’, sometimes I’d wonder if maybe that’s just ‘who I was’.

Fortunately, I’m too curious and determined to let those worries get the better of me for long, so I kept exploring and I discovered that whilst some issues can be easily cleared with simple ‘in the moment’ tapping / mindset work, others were a different kettle of fish. They were more deeply rooted in my subconscious.

As I discuss in this week’s video, it’s like the difference between the annual weeds in my garden, those that I can hoe off with ease, and those trickier perennial weeds, the dandelions and couch grass, that require a more thorough approach an some detective work as I search for their roots.
Often as I’ve dug around in search of those couch grass roots it’s reminded me that it can pay to get to the root of an issue, rather than dealing with it at a surface level, only to see it pop up again later.

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The good news is that a bit of detective work and curiosity can really pay off.

By tackling those pervasive patterns and digging them out, it’s amazing the amount of energy you free up, leaving your feeling lighter and brighter and able to enjoy life with renewed vigour.
You then get to choose the thoughts that you prefer, so you can step into the optimism. the confidence and trust that is your true nature.

If you’d like a little help with this, get in touch. I have the tools and techniques to help you change it with ease.
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