Cultivating Patience: Lesson 2 from my garden.

cultivating patience
I have to confess that sometimes I’m not a patient person.
Especially when I have a new goal or idea and I’m filled with enthusiasm, I really want to follow that momentum and bing my goal to reality – pronto.

Yet, I know that some things take time. Not every crop (or idea) is a ‘quick cropper’, like radishes or lettuces in the garden. Some plants, such as the climbing beans which I use as an example today, need time to mature¬†before they are ready to gift us their magic (beans).

As I share in this week’s video (see below), there’s no point me demanding those seeds to give me beans two weeks after I’ve sown them. That’s just not possible.
They require time to develop, to grow, to form.
So too do many of our projects and goals, even skills we are learning.

Cultivating Patience (Video)

What’s the natural timing of your project?

So this week’s lesson from the garden is to remember there is a natural timing and it may be different from our desired timing.

Have you got a project or a goal that you are impatient to achieve?
Maybe it requires a little more time before it’s ready.

As Abraham-Hicks say, there’s often a gestation period required, just like it takes time from a baby being conceived to being ready to come out into the world.

Be patient, it’s worth the wait.

reaping your rewards
May this week’s lesson from my garden help you to have patience, just as it helps me.
If I see my projects like tiny seeds, it helps me to ask some questions, to get curious about how to help them to grow, how to patiently nurture them until they are truly ready to blossom and then to fruit.

Those beans, once sown, whether real ones from the garden or our projects and ideas, are maturing more and more each day, and they will be ready all in their own good time. You can be sure that they will be magically delicious once they are ready for the plate.

If you still can’t wait patiently …

…try this round of EFT tapping that I made for this exact issue last year.

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