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Be kinder to yourself

I reckon we could all do with being a bit kinder to ourselves. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we often forget to, or actively choose against, being kind to ourselves. How many times have you belittled yourself or called yourself out for not being good enough? How often do you go against what really benefits you… Continue Reading

How do you make the ‘impossible dream’ a possibility?

How many things would you dearly love to have in your life that seem impossible to you? I’ll bet there are a few. Me too – there have been things that have seemed unobtainable, that have seemed beyond my capabilities or even what I’ve believed is possible for me. I’ve always been curious about that,… Continue Reading

Dealing with disappointment

The perils of being disappointed. The last time I felt disappointed was this morning. I felt that sinking feeling I get when I’ve decided that something hasn’t worked out / didn’t go as I’d have liked. Do you know it?  When your energy dips and you sink into a pool of unhelpful emotions such as self judgement… Continue Reading

How EFT tapping can boost your confidence.

Today I’m talking about confidence, self confidence to be precise, as I don’t think I know of anyone who doesn’t want to be more confident in at least one area of their life. What is confidence anyway? To me it’s a state of mind, one where you trust yourself, know you can succeed and can do… Continue Reading

3 no-nos if you’re feeling run down.

So, you’re feeling a bit tired or run down, yes? It happens to us all, even me. Yes, I was feeling a little tired and run down this morning. Having realized this, I reached for my best energy and mindset techniques to help me out of it, but not before I’d nearly sabotaged myself with these… Continue Reading

How to cope when things seem out of control.

Sometimes things can seem out of your control, right? Maybe it’s something in your day to day life, such as the result of applying for a new job that you really want or maybe it’s a partner or friend breaking up with you suddenly. It could also be global issues, such as terrorism or poverty. Whatever the source,… Continue Reading