Back to Basics: How to reduce stress using EFT Tapping.

reduce stress
Carrying on from my last post, where I shared about how I kicked stress talk to the kerb recently, this week I’d like to back up a bit and go back to basics, looking at what stress is and how EFT tapping is a great tool to combat it. I’m also sharing a ‘tap-along’ demonstration video  that walks you through the process of using EFT tapping to reduce your stress levels and change your mood so you have more positive energy. All within about 5 minutes.

What is stress?

Stress can mean different things to different people. At a basic level, it’s usually about life situations or conditions that make us tense or worried, such as money issues, dealing with the demands of balancing work and family life, or upcoming events, such as tests, exams or public speaking If we look up the definition of stress this is what we usually find. The source here is Merriam Webster’s Dictionary.

stress dfinition
When we’re stressed, we’re perceiving something as a demand, a challenge or a threat. That’s not always a bad thing. In some circumstances it’s very useful, as our body releases hormones that can tighten our muscles and focus our mind. It was great for our forefather’s if they came across a sabre toothed tiger. The ‘fight or flight’ response allowed them to act fast and run fast if necessary or fight well. Even in today’s world, if we’re running a race or working to a deadline, it’s helpful to be able to run fast or focus our minds.
It becomes a problem when we’re either in constant stress or stressing about internal issues we can’t change. For example, when you open your credit card bill or think about an upcoming event your body may be flooded with those same hormones and over time, such reactions that can have a negative effect on your health and well-being.

How does it affect you?

There are many ways that stress affects us. This chart from the folks at sums it up well. People tend to have a ‘weak spot’ where stress will show up first. For me, it tends to be my digestion. I now see it as my ‘early warning system’ and whenever I start to experience digestive issues, I check to see if I’m getting stressed out. Usually, I am. I now thank my digestion for alerting me to that.

health impact of stress


At helpguide they also share this chart, from their article about stress symptoms, signs and causes, that shows some of the different ways that chronic long term stress can affect us. As you can see, stress can affect us on many levels.

chronic stress

Some of these symptoms, especially the cognitive and emotional can be quite well hidden. People can have negative inner talk and pessimistic thoughts that just keep circling (like I talked about last time).

There is so much more I could say about stress, but there just isn’t the scope here. The above helpguide article has more information as does this article from NLM and there are many other resources online where you can find out more.

Can EFT tapping help?

EFT tapping has been known to help people let go of their stress reactions to what is happening in their lives, whether it be major life changes, work or family stress or internal worries and concerns.
It helps to take us out of the fight or flight response.
It helps us to release physical, mental and emotional tension, stress and anxiety.
Recent research shows that tapping helps to reduce cortisol levels (cortisol is as a major stress hormone).

People worldwide have been successfully using tapping to reduce their stress levels and to promote balanced health and well-being for many years.

Is it your turn now? I encourage you to try this technique for yourself and see if by tapping for just a few minutes you sense a change in how you feel and how your body feels.


Watch and tap along with me as I demonstrate how to use EFT tapping to release stress and to promote positive energy flow. This week, I’m using a slightly different tapping style than in many of my videos. This style is based on Silvia Hartmann’s Energy EFT. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Please do take full responsibility for your own well-being if you choose to tap along.


Over to you.

If you watched and tapped along with me let me now how you got on by leaving a comment below.
Also, please know that this is just a taster of how EFT can help you reduce the levels of stress in your life.
If reading this post has helped you see how you get affected by stress, you can then use the tapping to target those areas specifically e.g. headaches, stressful thoughts, worries or anxiety. You can ‘try it on everything’, tap your stresses away and have more positive energy.
If you’d like some help targeting your tapping for maximum results, get in touch.

If you know someone who would benefit from letting go of some stress, consider forwarding them this article, so they too can tap their stress away.

Happy tapping and thanks for reading and watching,


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