3 energy and mindset tips to help relieve physical ailments and discomfort

energy and mindset tips for physical issues
I see many people forget to use the power of their mind and energy systems when they face physical discomfort or illness. Don’t let that be you.
Follow these 3 simple tips to have more ease recovering from physical issues.

These are the tips I use in my own life when my body feels unwell, which was the case yesterday, and I can very safely say that they make recovery much, much faster and gentler.

Watch the video, try these ideas for yourself and see what changes.
Here’s an overview.


1. Tune In to how you feel.

Become aware of how you are feeling.
As well as noting how you feel physically, that includes your mental and emotional state of being and responses to your physical condition.
Often mental or emotional stress can contribute to out sense of feeling unwell and stress can exacerbate and bring on physical symptoms.

When you know what is ‘up’ for you, then you can use energy techniques, such as tapping, to clear any stress or anxiety, so your body can heal with more ease.

2. Talk to your Body

As I say in the video, I like to ask my body directly what it would like in terms of support, be that food, medicine, exercise, rest or something else.
To ‘hear’ what your body has to say you can use kinesiology techniques (I like the sway test) or just get quiet and allow your body to show you, through images or ‘knowing’.
If you treat it like a game and allow it to be fun, then answers can come really easily.

3. Take action

When you are aware of what choices will help your body to heal, please remember to act on them. For example, if you keep your chamomile tea in the box, it won’t be able to help ease your digestion. If you require more rest, schedule that into your diary as best you can.
If you do energy healing and your body would like some, then make time for that.
Ditto for EFT tapping, make time to do some tapping to ease any discomfort and address any underlying stresses.

Extra tip: Part of taking action for me is to focus on my desired outcome, to focus on how I’d like to feel and how I’d like my body to feel.
That way, I’m looking at how I’d like things to change. So, after initially tuning in to ‘the issue’ (step 1) and talking to my body (step 2) then taking action (step 3) it becomes much easier to ‘hold the vision’ of my return to full wellness and my future questions and actions all relate to that vision.



There’s the video version of these tips.


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